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UT Class Rings

Wear with Pride #UTRing 

Be part of one of UTs most cherished traditions. The official University of Texas ring is a time-honored tradition that links students with their UT experience. It is an emblem of academic achievement that designates the wearer as a proud Texas Ex.

The ring is reserved exclusively for graduates and students who have completed 75 credit hours. It forms a common bond between Texas Ex of all generations, serving as a proud reminder of your Longhorn roots.

This fall's #UTRing Week will take place at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center on September 28 - October 2 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Balfour Representatives will be available at this time to answer questions, size rings, and take orders. Make sure and place your order by October 2 to participate in the Class Ring Ceremony on November 13 at the tower!

Click here to view pictures from last spring's Ring Week and Class Ring Ceremony.



If you receive your ring and it needs adjustment or repair, please click here for further instruction. 



  • Ring Eligibility

    Alumni and undergraduate students who have completed at least 75 credit hours and graduate students who have completed at least 18 credit hours are eligible to purchase a ring.

  • View the Official Class Ring

    • View a poster – read about the symbols in the design of the ring
    • View pictures of class rings – on Flickr or Facebook
    • Visit the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center to see class rings on display
    • Attend an official Ring Promotion Week, held each semester

  • Order an Official Class Ring

    All qualifying students or alumni can order a ring online now, call Balfour Telesales at 1-866-225-3687, or visit our fall or spring official Ring Promotion Week, held every semester at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center. During the official Ring Promotion Week, Balfour representatives will be on hand to answer questions and help with ring orders.

  • Receiving your Official Class Ring

    Ring orders placed during official Ring Promotion Week:

    Students who purchase their ring during the official fall or spring Ring Promotion Week will receive an invitation to the Class Ring Ceremonies held each semester at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center. Students only will receive an invitation to their class ring ceremony in the mail and by email.

    At the ceremonies, a senior university administrator individually presents every ring recipient his or her ring. The ceremonies begin at 6:30 p.m. and last approximately 45 minutes. Recipients who do not attend a ring ceremony, can pick up their ring at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center after the final ring ceremony of the semester. Any rings not picked up by the last class day of the semester will be shipped to the recipient.

    Alumni who order a ring during the official Ring Promotion Week and wish to participate in a class ring ceremony, should contact Texas Exes immediately after they place their order via email.

    Ring orders placed at all other times:

    Any orders made outside of the official Ring Promotion Week will be shipped to the ring recipient. Delivery normally takes 6 -8 weeks.

  • When are the official Class Ring Promotion Weeks?

    Fall 2015: Monday, September 28 - Friday, October 2
    Spring 2016: Monday, February 22 - Friday, February 26

  • When are the official Class Ring Ceremonies?

    Fall 2015 Class Ring Ceremony: Friday, November 13
    Spring 2015 Class Ring Ceremonies: TBD

  • Class ring significance

    The University of Texas at Austin Official Ring serves as a tangible reminder of a student’s achievement and memories at UT. Created exclusively for the Texas Exes by Balfour, this well-known ring instantly designates the wearer as a proud Texas Ex.

    Designed for and by UT students, the Official Ring captures the very essence of life on and around the Forty Acres. Each symbol that adorns this ring was carefully chosen to capture the pride and passion of UT students. The Tower, "Smokey the Cannon," and, of course, the Longhorn, are symbols representing the spirit of UT culture.

    While the campus will surely grow, develop, and change, the icons, the statues, the traditions and the Official Ring will not. The Official Ring will serve as an honorable symbol for all past and future graduates. It surpasses time and forms a common bond between Texas Exes and the institution that played a key role in forming their future.

    In 1927, UT Seniors first bought The University of Texas rings. A technician in the Department of Zoology, Mrs. Darrell Jackson, designed the original ring. It was crafted in ten-karat gold and set with a garnet stone. One shank held a Longhorn with a lariat looped through the horns, the number "27," a lone star, and a wreath of Texas Cacti. The second shank bore the wearer’s degree, the crest, a scroll and a wreath of bluebonnets, which mimicked the wreath of Cacti on the other side. Sometime later the rings were made available in a variety of styles.

    Following in the footsteps of Mrs. Jackson, in 2003, a group of University of Texas students set out to revive the original ring design and create an Official Ring that would immediately identify a Texas Ex and serve as a constant reminder of his or her experiences as a Longhorn. The result is striking.

  • Prices

    Men’s Traditional Ring:
    • 10K Gold $865
    • 14K Gold $1,110
    • 18K Gold $1,415
    Women’s Traditional Ring:
    • 10K Gold $550
    • 14K Gold $675
    • 18K Gold $800
    Men’s Extra-Large Traditional Ring:
    • 10K Gold $945
    • 14K Gold $1,265
    • 18K Gold $1,630

    Additional Options: 5 pt Diamond $100, 5 pt Cubic Zirconia $20, 10 pt Diamond $175, 10 pt Cubic Zirconia $25
  • Warranty

    Your keepsake college ring will always look as good as the day you bought it. Every keepsake college ring is protected by a Full Lifetime Warranty which provides the following benefits for the life of your ring:

    • Resizing performed without charge
    • Cleaning and refinishing performed without charge
    • Individual numbering on each ring to insure authenticity. This number is assigned by the Texas Exes to prove you earned your ring and to have a record in case your ring is lost or stolen.

Payment options


Pay for your ring in one easy payment using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Credit Card Installment Plan:

Leave just a third of the total as a deposit when you place your order. The remaining balance is divided into two equal payments. Subsequent payments will be charged at one-month intervals with no interest.



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