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Chapter Scholarships

Starting in the fall of 2012, Texas Exes and The University of Texas at Austin will no longer have separate scholarship applications for prospective students. Now, all students who apply and are accepted into The University of Texas at Austin will also be in the "pool" for University and Texas Exes scholarships. More details to come.

Texas Exes Chapter Scholarships benefit entering freshmen, transfer students, and/or students continuing their education at UT. These students are selected by Texas Exes members who volunteer with their local chartered chapter. The Texas Exes Chapters volunteer leaders also work year-round to raise the funding for their awards.

The Association is deeply grateful to The Texas Exes throughout the world who have contributed their time, talent, and funds to help select and recognize these outstanding students.

The Texas Exes provides up to $500 in a matching gift to each chartered Texas Exes chapter that awards a scholarship to a NEW UT student. To be eligible for the $500 in matching funds, chapters must be contributing at least $500 to the scholarship. The students are given their scholarship checks* at the Chapter Scholarship Awards Event held at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center.

*Awards exceeding $3,000 will be paid in two equal checks, one delivered in September for the fall semester, and the other one in January for the spring semester. Students not able to attend the fall awards banquet or receiving spring checks are given one month in which to claim their checks, after which unclaimed funds are returned to the chapter's account.

The Association must manage all Chapter funds earmarked for scholarships, except those to be awarded in the upcoming academic year.

Scholarship T-Shirts

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We are now selling specially branded scholarship t-shirts for chapters to purchase as an extra way of recognizing their scholarship recipients. The t-shirts are $5 each and they make a great extra gift to scholarship recipients. If your chapter would like to purchase t-shirts please email the Chapter Department with the following information:

Chapter Name
Contact Name
Address to ship t-shirts
Number of t-shirts
Sizes of t-shirts (small, medium, large, x-large)

Date the shirts are needed

The price is $5 per shirt. Extra shipping and handling may be added to rush orders. The chapter will be billed once the t-shirts have been sent.

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